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A smarter, more efficient way to buy media

Important Announcement: DoubleClick Bid Manager, our next generation DSP, is now launching. Many Invite Media customers have already been upgraded to DoubleClick Bid Manager and the rest will migrate over in the coming months. Please visit for more information about the new features and capabilities available only through DoubleClick Bid Manager.

Invite Media is a high impact demand-side platform that enables advertisers, agencies and agency trading desks to use real-time bidding to buy and optimize online media.

Buyers can use Invite Media's technology to set up and manage automated strategies to help facilitate intelligent buying across all major sources of real-time bidded inventory, all in a single interface. With the ability to apply data from any major source, plus the freedom to create business rules for bidding and optimization, Invite Media gives buyers flexible control over campaign performance.

Top agencies and advertisers rely on Invite Media's transparent universal buying platform, Bid Manager, to use their own and third-party data while gaining efficiency and scale from an integrated workflow and reporting system.

Now backed by Google's global infrastructure, Invite Media provides the reach, scale and speed buyers need to get optimal results.

With Invite Media, you can:

  • Connect with your precise audience wherever they are
  • Gain full visibility into all costs and sites in your buys
  • Set global controls such as universal frequency capping for de-duplicated reach
  • Use real-time reporting to gain greater insights into your campaigns and customers
  • Streamline your workflow with a platform designed for speed and efficiency
  • Leverage the technology, expertise and resources of a proven partner

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